This list changes frequently as competition organizers provide updates on their events.

As soon as a competition is officially sanctioned it will be updated here, and also posted on the myriad Homebrew Club Facebook pages around the state.

All the previous year's competitions are automatically listed as PENDING for this year until it is determined whether they will be officially sanctioned for this year or not.

We're always looking to accept new competitions from around the entire state, so if you hear of rumblings of a competition not on this list, please use the contact form and let us know ASAP!

**Not this year** Stout Bout, Portland, by Portland Brewers Collective

**Not this year** Spring Fling, Bend, by Central Oregon Homebrewers Organization (COHO)

KLCC Homebrew Competition, Eugene, by Cascade Brewers Society

American Homebrewers Association’s National Homebrew Competition - Pittsburgh, PA

Oregon Homebrew Festival, Corvallis/Albany by Heart of the Valley Homebrewers

Heart of Cascadia, Portland, by the Oregon Brew Crew

Rocktoberfest by the Cascade Fermentation Association, Redmond

*** It is with great regret that we must not sanction the final results of the Rocktoberfest 2022 results.  This is due to several problematic issues about the competition that would nullify the integrity of the OSHBOTY championship results.  We take our homebrewing state championship race very seriously, and therefore must adhere to our strict rules for integrity. 

The specific issues discovered were:

There were tables with no BJCP judges, resulting in very poor scoresheets and questionable results.

There were simple math errors when tallying scores that may have advanced the wrong beers to BOS, and/or awarded points to the wrong beers.

There was no confirmation of any BJCP judges being on the BOS judging table.

Beers judged in the wrong category as noted on the score sheet.

Going forward, we will still be open to sanctioning Rocktoberfest 2023 if the above issues are addressed and better/faster communication with OSHBOTY is established.  We understand that running a homebrew competition can be an enormous undertaking that involves many volunteer hours and coordination; we applaud anyone for even attempting to organize a competition, but to help determine our state champion the results must be consistent and fair for all entrants.***

Oregon Fall Classic, Portland, by the Oregon Brew Crew