These are the official rules:
Last Updates made 1/2/2018 are in RED
1) There is no entry fee for competitors to compete in this competition.  This competition is for beer only, not cider or mead or anything else.
2) Co-Brewers; if a co-brewer is listed for a winning entry, the main brewer will have the option of either keeping all the points for themselves, or equally splitting the points earned on that entry with the listed co-brewer.   Brewers will be contacted and asked for their decision.
3) none
4) Points will be awarded for competitors that win individual categories and overall Best of Show (BOS), and 2nd and 3rd BOS.
a) Category win points are awarded based on the number of beer (cider and mead do not count) entries that each winner “beats” in each individual category. For example, a BJCP #21 IPA flight with 17 beer entries will earn 16 points for the winner. (No points for 2nd, 3rd, etc. in category)
b) BOS win points are calculated thus:
For competitions UNDER 100 beer entries the total number of beer entries (cider/mead/etc do not count), minus the number of entries in the winning beer’s individual category. (Basically this eliminates scoring double points for a BOS win). For example: Following our example from 4a above, if that category-winning IPA also wins BOS in an 85 beer entry competition, the BOS winner would score 85-17=68 points. Again, scoring a point for every beer entry beaten, but not scoring double for the points already awarded for winning their individual IPA category.
For competitions OVER 100 beer entries: 100 points plus 1 additional point for every 10 beer entries over 100, minus the number of entries in the winning beer’s individual category. (again, this eliminates scoring double points for a BOS win). From our example above, a 308 beer entry competition, the BOS win points would be 100+20-17=103
c) Points for 2nd and 3rd BOS will be calculated the same as BOS points, then multiplied by 75% and 50% respectively, rounded up to the nearest point.
d) Bonus points earned for winning multiple categories; 15 bonus points earned for winning in 4 different BJCP substyles annually, plus 5 bonus points for each additional win thereafter.  40 bonus points earned for winning at least once each annually in the following 4 categories; ale, lager, sour, and Belgian.** See below for the exact BJCP style numbers for each category**
e) Sours: BJCP categories 23,27 Gose, 28.  Belgians: 24,25,26.  Lagers:1a,1b,2,3,4,5a,5c,5d,6,7a,8,9,19b. Ales:1c,1d,5b,7b,7c,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19a,19b,20,21,22.
d) In the event that a cider/mead/etc wins BOS, points will be awarded to the highest finishing beer entry per the formulas above.  Similarly, if an ineligible entrant (such as out of state) wins BOS or a category, the points will be awarded to the next eligible entrant.
5) This competition is for Oregon residents and those in immediately surrounding communities in neighboring states.
6) In the event of a tie, the number of BOS wins will determine the winner. Subsequent tie-breakers are as follows: number of category wins; number of different category style wins. The final tie-breaker is a coin flip.
7) The accumulation of points is for the calendar year.
8) Points for competitions do not become official OSHBOTY points until they are certified by the OSHBOTY staff.  Certification involves tallying points, gathering contact info, contacting winners as needed, verifying that score sheets have been delivered to entrants, and any other pertinent stuff required to maintain the integrity and fairness of sanctioned competitions.
9) OSHBOTY sanctioned competitions will be determined by the following parameters:
a) Each competition must be held in Oregon and be BJCP sanctioned. The AHA National Homebrew Competition first and second rounds will also be included and will be counted as two separate competitions for points scoring purposes.
b) All OSHBOTY sanctioned competitions must be BJCP sanctioned and registered on the BJCP calendar and open to the general public and open to most or all beer styles, ie no “stout only” or "sour only” type competitions.
c) Competition information (# of entries in each flight and in the total competition and the winners of each category and 1st, 2nd & 3rd BOS, and the names of the BOS judges) must be available via a competition website or be readily provided to the OSHBOTY committee upon completion of the competition. This is to keep a tally of the running point totals.  A contact email and/or phone number for winning entries is needed also (we can’t give you a “valuable award” if we can’t contact you!)  As results come in we will keep a database of contact info for competitors.
d) Competitions must award a 1st, 2nd and 3rd BOS.  Each judging table must have a BJCP judge.  The BOS judging panel must have at least one BJCP judge.  The BOS winners shall be determined by the best beers on the table to style, not the best beers to be brewed commercially.  (This is to address competitions that have a prize of getting the winning beer(s) brewed at a professional brewery and whose BOS panel contains employees at that brewery.  These BOS panels should be explicitly instructed of the potential conflict of interest per BJCP sanctioning rule #9)
10) All decisions of the OSHBOTY committee are final.
11) Every effort will be made to announce OSHBOTY sanctioned competitions and post our points as early as possible, but we are limited by the competition organizers sometimes, if they drag their feet in getting their competition registered with the BJCP or in getting us the results, there is nothing we can do. Ultimately, if we cannot acquire the needed information from a competition (even if it is an officially OSHBOTY sanctioned competition) by the end of the calendar year, that competition will be revoked and any potential points for competitors will be disallowed. We hope this never happens.
12) Prizes are awarded on a points-based system, with the champion selecting his/her prize first, then each subsequent winner chooses from the remaining pool of prizes.  This assures that each winner gets to choose prizes that they actually want.
13) Sanctioned competitions: we will announce which competitions are sanctioned as soon as the organizers of each competition respond to our request for them to be sanctioned.  This means we are at the mercy of the competition organizers.
14) Members of the OSHBOTY staff ARE eligible to compete if they choose.  In this case, all results will be certified by an outside individual who is not competing.


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